Nadia Sevostyanova, teacher, Sevastopol

December, 13, 2011

Dear Jane, How are things with you? How’s Ben doing at his new position? How are the kids? Hope you are all well as usual and managed to survive this day.

I say “managed to survive” really meaning it, because for me it was a catastrophe! It all started not bad really. My husband got up first and walked the dog while I cooked breakfast – some sandwiches and a cup of coffee for us and tea for Alex and Ann. It didn’t take me too long to get the kids out of bed as I had managed to send them to bed at 9.30 yesterday. Alex even fed the cat with no reminding. Then we all left for work and school – again as usual. Things started to happen later. Now, be prepared.

It all started at about 4, when I came home from work and began cooking supper. I had some minced beef, so I decided to prepare my husband’s favourite cutlets. Now, get ready for the show. After I had my mince ready, I found out that I had run out of ground bread crumbs so Ann was sent to the grocer’s. In a few minutes she came back happy to get a packet of bread crumbs at a discount. Her happiness lasted only until I opened the packet and found it full of tiny worms. This time we went to the grocer’s together. The girls at the shop were reasonable enough to give me another packet which I opened straight away, in their presence. Having seen nothing except the desired crumbs, I headed home. At home when the crumbs were spread on a plate, some new guests appeared – some tiny bugs. Surely I didn’t go back to the shop and used flour instead (not bad – try it!).

My nephew came to visit and I offered him the cutlets which he refused as he saw some Russian salad in the fridge. He took the bowl with the salad out of the fridge and – ready to guess? – landed it all on the kitchen floor. The salad spread over the floor together with the remnants of my favourite glass bowl. Naturally, he was made collect everything and wash the floor. As it was oily, he put some detergent into the water to make the floor perfectly clean. And it surely would have been but for my husband who used the old empty detergent bottle to keep some of his antifreeze without telling anybody about it. Can you imagine my floor after such a ‘bath’?

I will omit the details of putting everything in order, they are not much fun. But from this day on I consider the 13th to be the luckiest day of all – everyone remained alive, not even a limb or a nose was broken, there happened to be no flood or fire. Thank God!

Now the day’s almost over, everyone’s in bed soundly sleeping. Tomorrow’s another day and new events. I wonder what they are going to be like.

Remember me to your family, kiss my goddaughter for me.

Love, Nadia


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