Maria Terehova, 14, Sevastopol

Tuesday, 13th of December, 2011

All my days are the same mainly. But this day passed in a different way. I had to get up early in the morning, because I had to go to the doctor, as cough had disturbed me for a long time. I was scared. Doctors could send me to hospital. On the one hand, it was bad, but on the other hand, I would not get bored, because my friend was there. But, the doctor did not send me to hospital, because it turned out that I’m allergic. At the doctor`s I met my classmate Vika. She offered me to go for a walk and take photos. Vika said that she knew a good place. I agreed to go with her. And my parents let me go.

The place was really unusual. It was a lost stadium, located not far from my house. I was amazed that I have lived here for 14 years and didn`t know that there was a lost stadium. We went there with our classmate Katia. Having walked around, we saw a lot of lost buildings (obviously there were changing rooms before). And we saw ruined tribunes. The walls of the buildings were covered with graffiti. One of the paintings was a big bear with a tie. I could not help but taking a photo with it. We were there for a long time.

So, it was getting dark and we went home. When I came home, Vika emailed me the photos. My mother and my father liked them. This day was very funny. We still remember it with laughs and smiles on our faces.


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