Maks S., 17, Sevastopol

Each day is unique and original in its essence, just like people like you and me. But we lose the price of human life and of loss of time…

So, I would like to begin from definition: the student’s life is full of fun and interesting moments, but Monday and Tuesday, as well as different types of controls are not included, or rather they are quite unhappy. However, the day was interesting …

Because of the above, Tuesday morning was hard. I was late, not enough sleep and did not even have time to comb my hair. Missed the first lecture, because it was the algorithms on Informatics…

Namely, on the second lecture, I learned that today was 13/12/11 and 10:09 on the clock, but missed the content. Because the third lecture was English, on which I got this wonderful task. By the way we watched the last part of Pirates of the Caribbean and enjoyed the present English speech.

But the interesting thing began after the end of the school day.

First, today I had the first extra classes in English. My teacher is cheerful. It was the first lesson, but despite this, it was very lively and interesting. After that I went home and started writing, what you are reading…

You know, while I was writing, I realized that we often do not realize the price of life and that every day, we live only needs, but are not desire. It seems to me that these are the works to help to stop, look at how the bird has flown or which form is a cloud, breathe deeply and feel its sweet taste. Understand that we must not exist, we must live. Perhaps realizing this, something could change dramatically in your life, you may drop the Institute and become a popular movie star, or maybe a racer. You must not fear change, because everything that is done is done for the better, so … Stop! Look! Think! And only then move on … 14 … 15 … 16 …


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