Pavel Khan, 16, Kerch

My NOT Ordinary Day- December 13, 2011

That was one of those mornings which you remember as a single memory regardless of the fact that there were a lot of them. As usual, I got up and went to the kitchen for breakfast. I ate my breakfast and got dressed for school. After cleaning my teeth I went to school. While I was going I saw some dogs fighting to death for garbage dump. I like animals sometimes!

When I finally arrived at school I understood that I was late. But I didn’t much care about that, because first lesson was literature. When I opened the door into the class, I saw a familiar scene: the teacher was telling about things nobody cared about. School is a not bad place to be, but that day was so boring that I almost felt asleep. When my last lesson was over, my final torture ended and I went home with a hope to read or watch or play something interesting. On such kind of days I want to add a little amount of madness in my life. And I got it, god dammit!

When I came home, there was nobody there. It was good for me, because I wanted to visit some sites which my mother wouldn’t admire. While I was sitting in front of the computer, my cat was playing in another room. And suddenly I heard a strange sound! It was like drops of water. First I thought that my cat had crashed the vase with flowers in the living room. However, when I turned back, I saw that the cat was in my room all that time. I dashed for the living room and saw…

Now, let me describe what I saw. Streams of water were just flowing out of my ceiling. Water was all over the place. Everything in the room was wet including the TV-set and my game console! First of all I put a bucket under the stream, then took all technology out of the room, and called my mom to ask what to do. She said that I should go and talk with the neighbors who lived in the flat over us. I mashed their door, but they didn’t open. So, I started to kick their door and opened it. I told them that they were flooding our flat. They said that their aquarium had crashed, so the water just kept on pouring out of it.

I need to note that that aquarium contains 30 liters of water. Can you imagine what was there when my mother came? She was really delighted!

Long story short, we stopped the water and I was sent to my grandmother’s flat to wait until everything would be checked. When I came back, our living room was still in a terrible state, but at least, it was dry. I was so tired that I went to bed at 23:00 o’clock.

That was a hard, unpleasant, but still memorable and exciting day.


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