Nika Pandzardzieva, 16, Kerch

You never know where you are on the 13 of December!

When I got up in the morning, the day did not seem to be unusual. I was ready for my long breakfast and rush to school being half-sleeping, but with full make-up. Long six lessons were waiting for me ahead. As usual I was ready to thank my luck as I hoped not to be asked by my teachers, but an unexpected call broke all my traditional expectations of the day. It was the call from our class teacher.

The news was so impressive that I could hardly believe that it was possible. I even looked at the calendar to be sure that it was not the first of April. A group of British scholars from Cambridge University came to our city to test our high school students with the aim to invite the best five “brains” to study at Cambridge University free of charge for the whole year.

They offered very favorable conditions: five meals a day, a single room for everyone with all modern conveniences, a rich cultural program with visiting of museums, theaters, exhibitions and only 4 hours for studies a day. But to be that lucky one I was to write an essay. So on the way to school I was unusually excited thinking over the essay. I had a rather busy day at school and I felt exhausted but it was really surprising day. When I came back home and was about to have a rest, an unexpected knock at the door ruined my plans for the day. Without asking I opened the door and faced… a bunch of red roses. That was my boyfriend who wanted to make a pleasant surprise with his unexpected arrival.

You never know where you are with your life, your teachers, your boyfriends!)


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