Lilia Lutsenko, 16, Kerch

Hello! My name is Lilia. I have something to tell you about how I spent my day on the thirteenth of December. Well, I will try.

Maybe, it’s not a secret how every student spends his morning preparing go to school. Usually I wake up, make my bed, wash, dress, have porridge, two hard-boiled eggs or cheese sandwiches with tea for breakfast and go to school with my younger brother and sister. But that day was an exception from others. It was Tuesday. On that day we had an extra lesson, business English, which began at eight o’clock. But when I woke up, I realized that I was so sick and tired that I decided to sleep longer. That’s why I missed my first lesson and I went a little later on my second lesson, thank God, the teacher didn’t scold me. It was literature of England and the United States of America. At the end of the lesson the teacher said that I worked the best of all. Of course, I had a good sleep and my schoolmates were still sleeping. Besides those subjects I also had two lessons of English language and a country study. During the English lesson the teacher was abusing our boys for their truancy and bad work. Ohh, boys are boys. And after that we had a control reading.

As I’m a student of the eleventh form, I am getting ready for exams. So after school I had extra lessons on the history of Ukraine. Fortunately, the lesson was successful enough. I was prepared very well and I was answering each of the teacher’s questions and made the tests excellently. I was praised, because truly speaking it’s very difficult to learn all names and dates of different events. You see, there are more than one thousand of them to learn by heart!!!

After all lessons I was waiting for my younger sister at a bus stop near her dance club. Suddenly I heard a noise. When I turned back I saw such a picture. Two men dressed in soldier uniform were going with a bicycle and besides them was going a tipsy man singing a war song. I was really amused.

When I met my sister we went home laughing from that story. Our mother cooked us a very tasty supper which consisted of fried chicken and mashed potatoes. What about how I spent my evening? Ohh, it was very strained, as I had to prepare for my next day’s control work on history of Ukraine. I was studying it the whole evening and night! And I went to bed only at twelve o’clock tired out and sleepy.

So it’s a story of how I spent my day on the thirteenth of December. Maybe it’s not an unusual day, but it is one more day from my real life.


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