Jan Derij, 16, Kerch

Diary entry — 13 December, 2011


Arrgh! I hate that alarm, you know. As for me it’s the worst part of the day. Just don’t pay attention, let it ring… No, I can’t sleep while that noise is filling my room and my head. I’ve nothing to do. I should switch off my alarm-clock. Almost there… Arrgh, I can’t reach my alarm-clock. The distance is longer than my arm. I need to wake up… OK, I’m awake. I slowly go to the kitchen and see… nothing. Oh my God! What is there in the fridge? Soup… Oh no. I don’t want to eat soup for breakfast, but my gut is roaring like wild beasts and I put a bowl into the microwave oven. 3…2…1…Ding! Breakfast is ready and I eat it without any pleasure. OK, what’s now? Of course, my clothes. I don’t have any time for the bathroom. Stop, where is my second sock? Oh, it’s here! What is my sock doing at the table?

Leaving home now…

After a hard morning:

I walk to the bus station and see that my bus is leaving… Not again! I gotta catch it, or I’ll be late for school. Awesome! The driver saw me and stopped the bus. Thank you, dude! Really, thank you.


As usual, nothing interesting.  Or not? Let’s revise: test, test, test, test… Yeah, nothing interesting.

After school:

It’s the most interesting part of today’s day. I leave school with a feeling that this nightmare has finally ended. I bought a hamburger and ate it. I’m at home now. I pull out my earphones and jump on the bed. Now, the alarm-clock can’t wake me up. After that short rest I looked in my diary, if there is any homework to do for tomorrow. Russian, biology… Oh, I like it! Only 2 tasks to do. After doing homework (it took about 30 min) what do I usually do? It’s time for going out! I put on my everyday suit and my target is to buy some food for tomorrow (I don’t want to eat soup tomorrow. Again!). After shopping I go home and I see, that my parents have already returned from their work. Mom told me a “happy” news: “Today, you’re going to help me make my accountant report”. Two hours of printing tables and numbers. Now I’m free.


It’s time to visit the Internet! Firstly, Facebook. Let’s see… No private messages from my mates. And I called those people “friends”. Secondly, I visit 4chan. Nothing interesting. /b/ fails today. Maybe I want to play some videogame? No. Linux has no games. I’ll better watch some funny videos on YouTube.


What a funny video! What time is it? 01:35 am… I go to bed. I’m tired. I am sleeping… Bow, the curtain.


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