Alex Gromov, 17, Kerch

I have written the truth

Hello! My name is Alex, I’m 17 years old, and I study in the eleventh form. My usual day is get up -> go to school -> out of school- tutors -> doing homework -> sleep. So I want to tell you about this special day-A Day in the Life of Ukraine.

It started as usual – “Aleeeexxx, wakee upppp” said my mom at 6:50, “Okaaaay” – my usual answer, and sleep until 7:30 🙂 Then I got up in a hurry, dressed up and went to school – (I had a zero lesson that day).

Almost each morning is grey and colourless, it decreases my mood. My school isn’t close to my house, that’s why I have to go to the bus stop and wait until my bus arrives. My best friend Jenya helps me to improve my mood and makes my morning a bit better (we live not far away and we always go to school together).

Paying a ticket in our bus is also an adventure. We use our student tickets (we pay only 50% of bus ticket price), and drivers are always angry and impolite with us.

We came on the zero lesson, and started trying to make our brains work, but all the attempts were useless.

After a zero lesson I met a Deputy Director.

She stopped me and said: “Alex, I need you to give a lesson in the 7-th form, do you agree?”

“Hell, yeah!” – was my first thought.

“What is the lesson?” – I asked.

“Physics, don’t worry, you’ll get a good mark on physics, too.”

I didn’t believe my ears at first, our physics teacher is very strict, and if you get a good mark on her subject, it’s like a God’s gift, especially in this way.

“You can take a partner with you, if you want” – the Deputy Director said.

Of course I took Jenya as a partner, because I knew that he also needed a good mark on physics-”A Friend in need is a friend indeed. “

The lesson was terrifying, a huge amount of uncontrolled kids were like demons. At least I understand our teachers now.

After that my English teacher told me about this essay, and I started to think what to write, how to write, should I write the truth or not?

The truth, only the truth!

The next period of my day was usual. 7 lessons, going home, doing homework, sleeping.

I had a lot of different unusual situations I wanted to share with you, but I decided to write about my real day- 13 December. I hope you will like it!


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