Elena Zamukova, Teacher, Melitopol

Although December 1st was Sunday and people would normally have a day off, it didn’t work for me. Since I have a little baby to take care of all my days seem to be pretty much the same. He’s a kind of our natural alarm, so my husband and I wake up when our son does. So on Sunday we woke to the sound of sniffing and groaning that was coming from under the blanket. Artur (our son’s name) let us know that he didn’t want us to sleep any longer. He smiled at me ready for the day. I smiled back and talked to him a bit. Talking in weird funny ways and singing is what we do on a daily basis. While my husband was having breakfast I did all the morning routines a mother should do to her newborn baby, which is basically washing, changing a diaper and feeding. Needless to say, I hardly ever have a spare moment to do things around the house. At weekends Sasha is usually busy renovating the house, so Sasha’s mom volunteered to come and babysit for a couple of hours, which meant I was able to do a great deal of work. While she was hanging out with Artur in the garden, I did the ironing, cooked and washes the dishes. At around 6 p.m. the three of us sat to have dinner and talk. Of course, Artur was on my lap all the time, he’s kinda lap baby and I don’t mind it. We hold him all the time, because when he has colic he yells if he’s not held. So when we sat he slept on and off or just stared at us and smiled, smiled, smiled. Then later, we washed him and toweled (which he enjoys the most). We sang ‘Go to sleep you little baby’ to him which works for whatever reason best of all, and he, certainly, fell asleep. Then we went to sleep, too.


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