Solomiya Pyndykivska, 16, Buchach

To start with, I must introduce myself. My name is Solomiya. I am 16 years old. I live in the small town of Buchach  in the west of Ukraine. My family is rather big: mother, father, two brothers and me.

Sunday, the 1st of December was both an ordinary and exciting day not only for me but for Ukraine as well.

It  was a sunny, frosty morning. My alarm rang at 7 o`clock and I woke up. I went down to the first floor of the house and went to the kitchen to have breakfast. I made a cup of coffee and took a piece of apple pie, turned on the TV and began to eat. News was exactly the same as it was  week before – protests on Independence Square in Kyiv and in other cities. Everybody knows that the president of Ukraine didn`t sign a key EU trade pact on the 29th of November. Thousands of protestors have taken to the streets of the capital in order to demand president sign the trade pact. But the gatherings in Ukrainian cities are not only for this cause. Another is that early in the morning on Saturday the 30th of November; Ukrainian protesters were broken up by police with stun grenades and batons. Tents lined the main street of Kyiv full of cruelly beaten people that had very serious injuries to their bodies. We are definitely sure that the beatings were at the command of Vicktor Janykovich. He is no longer president of Ukraine, he is just an   offender who committed the worst crime – a crime against his people.

So let us back to me. After watching TV, I went to the church with my family. It is a good tradition of my family to go to the church every Sunday morning. While being in church I feel calm and quiet. We praise God and give him glory for his love and compassion. We also asked him to give our country peace and to prevent any revolt and insurgency.

After church service, I went to the centre of my town to take part in a gathering  and to express my own attitude to the current events. There were about three thousand residents of town. We combined in order to show our government and president that we want to associate with the EU and we really want to be a part of Europe. We wanted to prove that we are a European nation and have democratic views on what is happening now in Ukraine. If our president does not take into consideration the minds of his citizens – he is no longer our president!

We were singing songs at the gathering talking about the future of Ukraine and out thoughts were common – our future is only in the EU!

With Ukrainian spirit and patriotism, my family went home. We had family dinner when we arrived. All evening long our TV was turned on. We were watching what was happening in Kyiv all evening. To move away a little from events in Ukraine we decided to watch out favourite film “Lassie”. We have a lot in common with that dog. We had had for 2 years the same breed of dog – a collie and called her Lassie. Tragedy occurred 4 years ago; our pet, our furry friend and integral part of our family, was killed. Since that time, we understand that dogs are the only being that can be devoted to you, can understand you even though they do not recognize what you are saying…

I went to bed at 10 p.m. The events of that day left me exhausted, but I was  very  proud of my compatriots! They are very friendly, loyal to Ukraine and united with one goal – to change Ukraine, to make our country an actual democratic and European nation. It is my duty too!

After all members of my family went bed, the lights around the house has been turned off but the light of hope in our hearts wasn`t extinguished. Every citizen of our country believes that change in our country has begun and we must stand till the end.

That is how I spent the 1st of December. That was one day not only of my life, but a part of life in Ukraine. And I firmly believe that it will be a part of history of a new country – a democratic and European Ukraine!


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