Yana Shyika, 15, Novi Rozdil

The events of Sunday, the 1st of November in Ukraine were not usual, or even more. Thousands of Ukrainian people were standing in the center of Kyiv at anti-government demonstration at that moment. The reason for such action was the protesting Yanukovych’s decision not to sign the association agreement with the European Union. It was a peaceful demonstration, but the Sunday morning changed it to a revolution. Most of the demonstrators were young people who wanted to show their disagreement with the government’s decision. Early in the morning at about 4 o’clock riot police used batons and stun grenades to break up the opposition demonstration. ”They threw people away like a garbage”, – the demonstrators say. Numerous injuries were reported. Ambulance treated dozens of injured demonstrators, mostly for wounds to the heads and arms. Many of them were banged and covered with blood. As a result the protesters in Kyiv gathered again to demand the president’s resignation. Opposition leaders have called for a nationwide strike in response to the violence. They blame Yanukovych for it and say he has to be held responsible for it. The leaders are uniting to form a national resistance until new elections are held. All our country is striking and waiting for the results, because we want to live in a democratic Ukraine without violence and lies.


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