Yana Podvaitsatnyk, 14, Novi Rozdil

On the first day of December I woke up in a very good mood. Of course, because it`s the first day of winter!

That day our family decided to invite our friends for a dinner.  My mother cooked very tasty meals, and after we had dinner, we started to discuss about a present political situation in Ukraine. I was very disappointed about that situation, because I think that the government can`t do such things with a young population of their country. After that, we decided to play a modern game, which is called Xbox 360. It`s very interesting, because you are the controller, this game repeats all your movements. We were very delighted by it, and we didn’t even notice that it was very late, so our friends had to leave.
So, the first day of December was very fascinating. I had a great time that day, and I hope, that every day will be full of the same feelings, because I believe, that how would you start the month, you will spend it the same way.


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