Vladislav Bulanov, 5th Form Student, Lviv

The first of December this year was on Sunday. I woke up at 10 am, a little tired but cheerful. The day before, on Saturday Itook part in sports competitions acrobatics and won an award. Outside the sun was shining. I washed, brushed my teeth , had breakfast. Mum cooked delicious pancakes.

Then we went to the skating rink with my friend. I love to skate. I was very happy for my friend, because he was very good at skating. We had fun. After that we went shopping with our moms.

And then we decided to take a walk in the Striysky Park. I noticed that the trees in the park were completely without leaves, because today was the first day of winter. But on the lawns,  the grass was green.  Surprising!  Then we noticed people. They were standing near the trees and knocked nuts. In this way, they attracted squirrels. There are many squirrelsin Striysky Park. They ran through the trees, easily jumped from branch to branch. Bolder squirrels took nuts out of the handsof people and quickly ran onto a tree. It was very interesting to watch them. I was sorry that we did not have any treats for thesquirrels.    Later we walked in the park of Culture. Attractions no longer worked.

We decided to go home by bus. We said goodbye to my friend and his mother. On coming home we had lunch. I revised some lessons .  I prepared textbooks, because on Monday I go to school. In the evening we had dinner. I read a very interesting encyclopedy. I washed. Then I went to sleep. The day was full of events. I quickly fell asleep.


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