Vira Slobodyan, 10th Form Student, Lviv

On December I spent the whole day with my friend. We have been  friends for 6 years. She studies in Brody (it’s a small town in Lviv region) so we see each other only once a week because I study in Lviv. On Sunday she arrived and we went for a walk with her. I had a birthday on November 28, so we went with a friend of mine to the bowling club. We had a great fun there. Then we went to the cinema “Planetа IMAX” to see a comedy. My girlfriend’s name is Catherine but I call her Katherine, it is very similar to the one of the the heroines of the movie. After the movie we wanted to eat ice cream. We always do that. So we went to the café. We are never sad. We like to spend time together. And December 1 is no exception.


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