Oleg L, 13, Lviv

It was an ordinary day. But for me, it had a pleasant contrast – it was a day off! I like to enjoy idleness at weekends. That day I slept for a long time as usual. I wasn’t in a hurry, waking up slowly and listening to the sounds of the morning: Mom was cooking breakfast, then Dad said good bye and went on duty, than my little brother ran up to me to see if I hadn’t woken up.

At about 12 o’clock I went to wash. After the breakfast I began to read the book that I had started to read a month ago. Then my aunt and her son, my cousin visited us. From that moment the peace in the house was finished. My brothers and I started a great game, we had fun, we had a real battle at home! After the game we put things in order in the apartment and I fulfilled my mother’s household errands.

Of course I would like to spend that day differently. My main desire for the past days was to go to the city center and join a peaceful protest supporting the changes in our country. But, unfortunately, my parents did not let me realize my desire.


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