Nikita K, 11, Lviv

It is morning. This day is the first day of winter. It’s a pity that the snow has not fallen yet, but feeling very cold. Weather is gloomy and the trees have no leaves completely. Morning, likely, everybody starts differently. For example, someone could wake up and feel festive because this month comes to children Santa Claus. This fabulous character gives children a special joy and faith in the fairy tale. He gives children a variety of gifts. This feeling spoils only one thing – it is school. But it can teach us everything, even how to live properly. We learned how to write, read, count, think correctly. And it’s all thanks to our first teacher. In the morning I got up and the first thing did exercises. Then I prepared breakfast. Breakfast I have the easiest: oatmeal with milk, tea, apple and banana. After a hearty breakfast, I ‘m going to wash and brush your teeth. My school bag is already assembled and I, along with my dad go to school. We get to school by bus. When I come to school I say hello to my friends and teachers. On the lessons I have often called to the blackboard, and I always answer to 9-10 balls, but sometimes I do not know today’s topic, and suddenly as specially, teacher calls me. Then you have to hope for my intuition, prompts of children and books that are close by. After school I go home on the same bus and on the way I talk with my dad. After school, I usually rest at least one hour. Then I do my homework. At 8.00PM I sit down to read my favorite book. At nine o’clock I go to bed. That’s such a day for me – December, 1. Maybe tomorrow will be much better this day.


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