Michail Marusiak, 8th Form Student, Lviv

I wanted to spend the December, 1st as a usual Sunday – with nothing to care about. All my home tasks were ready. I wanted to rest before the hard week. In the morning I got up, ate my breakfast and decided to go outside. My adventure began as soon as I went for a walk to the city center. At first I became the millionth viewer at the cinema. I really enjoyed this good information; especially due to the fact that I won the possibility to watch movies in this cinema for free during the next week. Well, frankly speaking I was lucky. After the film I met my friends and we went for a walk loudly discussing the film. We spent together a few hours. In the evening we decided to go home. I did the same without exception. On my way I saw a small puppy. It was sitting in front of the old metal gates and glancing fearfully at pedestrians. I felt sorry for this small puppy. Thus I decided to take it home with myself. Even through my thick sweater, I felt his heart beating heavily…
At home I washed and fed my puppy. After these “changes” in his life he began to wag happily and tried to lick my nose. I called him Irzhik. This is beagle – very active and friendly breed of dogs. Maybe it looks strange but I got attached to him just in a few hours…I think you know that we are responsible for those whom we have tamed. Thus I condemn those people who turned out their small friends. In such way I spent this awesome “One Day in the Life of Ukraine” as a usual Sunday – with nothing to care about.


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