Liza S, 13, Lviv

I woke up. It was the first winter day, so I wanted to make it special.
At first I had breakfast – scrambled eggs. Hmm…  “What should I do now..?”

I remembered, that my friend from Moscow is going to visit us. He’ll stay there for three days. I wasn’t busy, so I asked him to spend this day with me. His name is Sasha, we met in the camp last summer. I miss him so much!

I was very late. Train supposed to arrive in any minute, but I’m still at home. “Bzzzz…bzzzz…bzzz” It was my phone! I picked up the receiver. Of course, it was Sasha. He told, that the train arrives in five minutes. I began to rush about the room back and forth. Finally, I was ready to leave.

Next 20 minutes are not really interesting. I took a bus and arrived to the railway station. There I saw Sasha. He was very very angry. I tried to explain everything to him. He forgave me and we went for a walk…

It was nearly 19.00 It was time to go home. I didn’t want to say “goodbye”, but I had to. When we said goodbye, a few tears dripped on my jacket. I’ll really miss him.

That was my day. It was very emotional, I had fun and at the same time I was sad. I hope, days like that will happen again.  🙂


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