Alyona Ivanyk, 10th Form Student, Lviv

I am so tired but full of emotions…I am so exhausted but delighted… A furious tempo of the day made me feel the fullness of life. It seemed a whole eternity ran during one day.

The first thought after I opened my eyes was ”Wow! It’s Sunday today! I’ll have a rest! I’ll stay in bed the whole day!..” But the truth was different. My mum came up and told us about her plans for the day.We were suprised a lot but agreed with her. Firstly we went to the church. Then we visited a High castle in Lviv. The view of Lviv and its suburbs was wonderful. After that we ate some pizza in a cosy cafe. A guide in Lychakiv cemetery was waiting for us so we were in a hurry. The exursion was really interesting because a lot of famous people are buried there. The beauty of Shevchenkivsky Hai was the next thing that astonished us. A lot of old chimney houses, ancient clothes, high evergreen pines… are not all the things that impressed me. Finally my father invited us to a Chinese restaurant and we tried some sushi there.

I was physically smashed but I’m grateful to my mother for her excellent plan.


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