Alexei Zakomorny, 5th Form Student, Lviv

 The first of December was a great day in the life of our country. It was a day when people all the country united and came to protest against our government. Ukraine wants to be in the European Union!

It was Sunday. My family and I woke up later and had breakfast. Then we watched TV and learnt about a meeting in the centre of our town Lvov. So we decided to go out and participate in the meeting like peaceful audience.

When we came to the centre we were shocked. There were thousands and thousands of people in the streets. They had flags of Ukraine and the European Union. They also had yellow and blue strips. Some people had posters in their hands.

There was a big meeting near the monument to Taras Shevchenko. The stage was there and the mayor of Lvov made a speech on it. Other people made speeches, too. All the people sang the national anthem of Ukraine. Also they screamed: “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!” And the spirit of unity flied over them.

I was at such a meeting for the first time. It was great! My brother and I bought small flags and held them in our hands. Our mum always has camera in her bag. So we made some photos.

We went home at four o’clock. Then we had dinner. I prepared my bag for school and took a bath. I played with my brother on Sony Play Station. We had supper at seven o’clock. Then we watched a TV show “Arrow”. Finally, we went to bed at nine o’clock. It was an unforgettable day!


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