The concept of A Day in the Life of Ukraine is very simple.

On December 13, 2011, people who were in Ukraine wrote about their lives.

Then, those pieces of writing were shared, allowing people in Ukraine and abroad insight into the rich social landscape that makes up this country. Those entries can be found here.

That spring, the project continued. May 5, 2012 was the second ‘Day in the Life of Ukraine’.
Visit the project page here to view those entries.

In autumn of that same year, the project continued. For ADITLOU 3, participants wrote about their day on November 1, 2012. Those entries can be found here.

In our fourth, and latest, round of ADITLOU, participants wrote about their day on December 1, 2013.
Check out those entries under the ADITLOU 4 tab, or click here

We will continue this project as long as there is interest, so look for another opportunity to write soon!

It is our hope that this project will encourage greater understanding of what it means to live in Ukraine today, both among Ukrainians and among all those seeking a greater global understanding. Ukraine is a country full of differences, but the celebration of these differences also allows the opportunity for shared strength.